That New House Smell – Welcome Home to Toxic Fumes

house toxic fumes

toxic fumes in house

You spent months searching for just the right location, building plans, and the best market value for your new home. You spent weeks researching color chips and ceramic tile. Now it’s moving day, and exhilaration is in the air! You step over the threshold, and that new house smell hits you. It’s not exactly the Garden of Eden.

Formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are used in common construction materials and furnishings, like paint and plywood. The combination of all of those new materials produces a significant level of toxic fumes. Don*t wait for your family to experience mysterious ailments – take action to improve the air quality in your new home. Read more »

The Housing Market

Folk humorist Will Rogers has been quoted as saying, “Buy land – they ain’t making any more of it.”  This allusion to the stability of a market with finite supply and steady demand caught on, with good reason.  For decades real estate was the soundest of long-term  investments, and owning a home a proven path to financial security. In recent years, however, holding mortgaged real estate is spelling financial doom for many. Confusion abounds as to how a market experts assured the public was rock-solid and dependable, so suddenly and terribly fell apart. The explanation is simple greed and basic principles of economics. Read more »

The Romanesque Architectural Style

The Romanesque Architectural Style

The Romanesque Architectural Style

Our Luxury house plans have more than a hint of medieval castle about them; deliberately so, as our architects continue a tradition that harks back to the late 10th century. The Romanesque architectural style traces its roots to medieval France and Italy, a pre-cursor of the Gothic tradition.

Rounded Roman-style half arches, groined vaults, arched windows, alternating piers (used to support arches) and columns, square or round towers, and thick stone walls  characterize Romanesque buildings Compared with the more ornate Gothic tastes that emerged in the 12th century, Romanesque constructs are massive, symmetrical and of a simpler design; they are significantly less busy, yet enduringly pleasing to the eye. Read more »

Three Ways to Make Small Rooms Seem Large

Have you tried everything to make your small rooms appear larger? Here are three creative ideas that you may not have thought of.

1. Bring Nature Indoors
Inviting the great outdoors into your home sets a breezy, open ambience. But don’t go overboard and clutter up your living space with potted plants- be selective.  Choose one or two natural items to enhance your small rooms.

For example, a beautiful hanging plant makes the ceiling seem higher. A vase of fresh flowers illuminates a dark dining table. And a melodious water feature brings to mind grand waterfalls and tinkling brooks Read more »

Tidbits for First Time Renters

There are many decisions to make when choosing your first apartment to rent. When searching for your ideal one, here are some tidbits to consider:

Some apartment buildings will organize events throughout the year to encourage people to meet and greet others living in the same building or area. This is a good sign because the company wants to promote a more open and is also acknowledging your existence. You are not merely a cheque number. Read more »

Tips for REALTORS that Work – Setting the Stage

Being a REALTOR® and being a good REALTOR® are two different things. It’s the good REALTOR®, however, who reaches their goal whether it is a certain number of sales or a specified dollar amount for their income. Knowing how to be a good REALTOR® isn’t something that you’re born with, but rather, it’s something that you learn how to do.
Granted some individuals are born salespeople and will be quite adept in this profession. However, learning a few tricks of the trade and working at being a good REALTOR® are critical to success. After all, since you basically work for yourself, your earning potential is dictated by your desire to succeed. Read more »

Tips You Can Use to Search for an Apartment on Craigslist Safely

Searching for an apartment can become a time-consuming activity, especially if you are looking for one that is inexpensive, pet-friendly, or furnished. If you also need an apartment that offers hardwood floors, a washer and dryer, or other amenities, your search for an apartment becomes even more involved and time consuming. Read more »

Top 5 Tips for Buying a Home in the Right Location

Buying a home in the right location is going to be different for each new homeowner. After all, people have different concepts as to what is important to them regarding the location of their home. Nonetheless, the following tips provide good guidelines for choosing a home with a location that you can be happy with for years to come. Read more »

Where in the World Can You Buy Property for Less Than $45,000?

Imagine sipping an ice cold glass of Chardonnay on the terrace of your dream home whilst admiring a panoramic view of the countryside as the sun sets on a glorious summer’s day.

Although it may not be possible to transform this dream into reality in your home country, there are still several  countries in the world where you can find affordable homes for sale. Here is a round-u p of four countries where it is possible to purchase a property for US$50,000 or less. Read more »

Why a Newsletter Can Improve Your Real Estate Business

Newsletters are among the easiest and cheapest marketing tools available to real estate agents to reach a large audience. Email newsletters are particularly effective, as  people will forward the newsletter to friends and colleagues who are looking to sell or buy a property, often giving real estate agents who send out newsletters a competitive edge. A regular newsletter keeps your relationship strong with previous clients, so your clients are likely to come back to you when selling, buying, or leasing a new property. Read more »

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